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Area’s support can be offered

Sandwell   Dudley   Wolverhampton   Central   Walsall

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where is it?

Unit A14, Cradley Enterprise Centre, Maypole Fields, Halesowen, B63 2QB.


Weekdays, project completed within 20 weeks of starting.

Overview of Support offered

You will need to choose a project that interests you. You may need access to the internet or a library to complete the work needed, so you will need to bear this in mind when you are deciding what you wish to work on.

Once you have registered with us it is up to you how long you work on your project and when. You can come to our location to work on the project or you can be at home or at a work place. We stay in contact with you by phone or email to help you keep focussed and when you have finished we will help you to gain your qualification by assessing your work and helping you to complete where necessary.

This programme is about helping you to gain the skills you need for the workplace, so we help you to personalise the programme to your needs. You can gain a qualification at Levels 1, 2 or 3 – the level will depend on the project and what qualifications you already have.

You could be doing a project or programme with another Talent Match provider where we could add this programme as a “bolt on” activity, helping you to get the maximum out of your journey.

If you are interested in starting your own business, we can support you to do that by helping you to put together your plan, supporting you to develop your skills and knowledge and then helping you to launch. We are able to accredit your learning in this programme with a Social Enterprise Qualification at level 1 or 2.

Is this activity linked to;

Increasing confidence   Increasing motivation   Increasing Optimism   Improving employability

Where does this support fit into my journey?

Engagement   This is me   I’m up for it   I’m ready   I’m on my way

Session type

Individual   Group

what equipment should i bring?


Outcomes expected


  • Improvements to employability skills.
  • Supporting client journey towards engagement in learning.
  • Increase client confidence.
Create a future