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Area’s support can be offered

Sandwell   Dudley   Wolverhampton   Central   Walsall

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Tel: 01902455009


Where is it?

The Boot Factory, 22 Cleveland Rd, Wolverhampton, WV2 1BH

When is it?

11:00 – 16:00 8 day placement with flexible frequency (2-8weeks)


Overview of Support offered

A placement opportunity perfect for those who have an interest in digital media but don’t necessarily know how to get started. Whether the participant is an aspiring YouTuber who needs editing experience, a designer who wants to take digital artistry to the next level or just has a great idea for the next big video game, this programme will give them the chance to explore it further.

The course involves a set of flexible sessions to give participants an insight into 3 areas of digital media, providing the development software, equipment and expertise to give a real insight into what goes on behind the scenes. Taking place at our creative media offices in Wolverhampton (which are filled with designers, video producers and web developers!) – it’s the perfect environment to skill up.

Participants will be partnered up with a buddy to act as a friendly face and key point of contact throughout and the course is suitable on a one-to-one basis or in small groups, which makes it flexible and exciting however the participant prefers to work. The course lasts for 8 days with a minimum 2 days of experience in each of the following areas:

  • Games Development: learning the basics of creating 2D and 3D objects and environments,
  • Video Production: Experience storyboarding and editing videos,
  • Digital Design: The opportunity to learn basic design using professional software.

There’s no need to have any development experience or to bring any equipment along – just a creative mind and the motivation and interest to learn more about digital media!


Is this activity linked to;

Increasing confidence   Increasing motivation   Increasing Optimism   Improving employability

Where does this support fit into my journey?

Engagement   This is me   I’m up for it   I’m ready   I’m on my way


Session type

Individual   Group
Minimum No. 1   Maximum No. 8

what equipment should i bring

All equipment will be provided.


Outcomes expected

Participants will be encouraged to see opportunities in the creative media industry as realistic career paths and understand the skills and training required to pursue them.

LearnPlay has found that working in a creative environment with like-minded young people (many of which have had similar journeys or become employed following similar programmes) increases optimism and raises aspirations.

The placement–styled nature of the programme encourages participants to develop a routine, get acclimatised to a work environment and build confidence working with teams and contributing to projects. The environment also naturally helps to develop soft skills – team building, communication and confidence as well as Maths, English and IT.

Those who successfully complete the placement will be offered a guaranteed interview which (for the right candidates) may allow progression to an apprenticeship involving games development, video production or digital design.