Emergency Paediatric First Aid Course

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Area’s support can be offered

Sandwell   Dudley   Wolverhampton   Central   Walsall


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where is it?

Office 28, Cleveland St, Wolverhampton



The course is delivered in a single day, for 6 hours. Times and dates will be confirmed.


Overview of Support offered

This Level 3 Award in Emergency Paediatric First Aid (RQF) accredited course has been designed to provide the knowledge and skills required to enable any person working or living within a childcare environment to provide effective emergency paediatric first aid if required. It is suitable for anyone aged 16+ such as parents, pre-school or nursery staff, toddler group volunteers, and foster parents.
Learners will be shown how to carry out lifesaving techniques on babies and toddlers using practice Anne dolls, and will be closely supervised to ensure their methods are correct. Their confidence will begin to grow as they are nurtured and guided in how to aid the most vulnerable in our society.

SainTs Training has been delivering numerous course to its mentees for many years and with this latest addition to our deliverables, we hope this continue to grow.


Is this activity linked to;

Increasing confidence   Increasing motivation   Increasing Optimism   Improving employability


Where does this support fit into my journey?

Engagement   This is me   I’m up for it   I’m ready   I’m on my way


Session type

Individual   Group
Minimum No. 4 Maximum No. 12


what equipment should i bring?

All training equipment is provided but attendees should wear comfortable clothing, allowing them to achieve the bend and crouch positions.


Outcomes expected

Learners will leave this course with the knowledge and confidence to be able to take the correct action if a child were to fall ill in their presence. If they are considering a career in Childcare then this qualification gives them an advantage at application stage and forms the unit 1 of the full Paediatric first aid course.

Learners will be able to:

  • Able to assess an emergency situation and prioritise what action to take
  • Help a baby or child who is unresponsive and breathing normally
  • Help a baby or child who is unresponsive and not breathing normally
  • Help a baby or child who is having a seizure
  • Help a baby or child who is choking
  • Help a baby or child who is bleeding
  • Help a baby or child who is suffering from shock caused by severe blood loss (hypovolemic shock)