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Varied/ part-time basis over 12 weeks.

Overview of Support offered

The Coaching Communities programme provides accredited training, national minimum standard workshops, individual support and guidance throughout by expert qualified tutors who are active sports coaches. Also there is a valuable and rewarding volunteer placement to enable you to utilise your new qualifications and skills learnt on the programme in a supportive environment.

This programme will be effective with building your confidence and self-esteem as you will firstly learn as a group, then progress onto either the Sports Leaders qualification as a group (if you are not at a level to move onto a Level 1 NGB qualification as individuals) and then put everything you have learnt into practice in a volunteering placement.

The programme qualifications include:
First element of the programme – completed as a group

  • Sports coach UK – safeguarding and protecting Children and Young People.
  • Sports coach UK – equity in your coaching.
  • Emergency First Aid qualification.

Second element of the programme – completed as a group or individually

  • Sports Leaders UK -Level 2 Award in Community Sports Leadership.
  • Level 1 NGB Sports coaching qualification.

Third element of the programme – completed as a group or individually
Minimum of 20 hours quality volunteer placement.
Job Club – Support to identify further training and or employment opportunities and create suitable CV and learn how to complete job applications.

Throughout the programme we will provide individual support working with you to overcome barriers which impact on your life and the successful completion of the programme.

Is this activity linked to;

Increasing confidence   Increasing motivation   Increasing Optimism   Improving employability

Where does this support fit into my journey?

Engagement   This is me   I’m up for it   I’m ready   I’m on my way

Session type

Individual   Group
Minimum No. 10   Maximum No. 25

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Outcomes expected

Through the use of sport we will engage and support you to grow as an individual and empower you to develop your confidence and change your mind-set to be motivated and demand more for yourself in terms of career prospects.

By enabling you to become more effective and efficient communicators you will be able to apply for better quality local employment and training.

Sports coaching is a growth industry and gaining industry recognised qualifications and completing a volunteer placement is the ideal start for you to become an employed sports coach. We are working with private coaching organisations throughout England to supply apprenticeships. Paid sports coaching is now recognised as a potential career opportunity.

As a result of how we deliver our Coaching Communities programme and the holistic approach we take to supporting each individual more young people secure employment, take up training or further education, or create their own employment and enterprise.