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Walsall Adult & Community College

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Sandwell   Dudley   Wolverhampton   Central   Walsall

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Elaine Johnson 01922 663000

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Black Country Wide



Overview of Support offered

Have you ever tried to learn something fairly simple or had difficulty getting a grasp on ideas? Or have become confused over things which appear basic? Then our youth set college and careers goals course is the right course for you.  A package of learning to enable you to become academically prepared for college.

Is this activity linked to;

Increasing confidence   Increasing motivation   Increasing Optimism   Improving employability

Where does this support fit into my journey?

Engagement   This is me   I’m up for it   I’m ready   I’m on my way

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Individual   Group

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Outcomes expected

A course based on increasing confidence through knowing your learning style.  It will enable you to find the common ways that you best learn.  Results will be used to develop your ability in your less dominant style whilst further developing styles you already use well. The results will be used to adjust study habits whilst building on your strengths.  Skills which are critically successful and considered essential for acquiring good grades. This course looks to include a scaling, in addition to a pick and mix of aids and support to help with memory enhancement, organisational and study skills.