YMCA Black Country Group

Area’s support can be offered

Sandwell   Dudley   Wolverhampton   Central   Walsall

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where is it?

Any suitable venue.


Flexible according to need

Overview of Support offered

We offer a range of fitness classes and group exercise opportunities which can be delivered in practical settings to suit client need. We deliver our fitness classes in blocks of 6 weeks.

A popular exercise class that doesn’t feel like exercise! Dance to great music, with great people and burn a ton of calories without even realising it! The perfect combo of fun and fitness!

Specifically tailored classes and/or programmes are available upon request.

Is this activity linked to;

Increasing confidence   Increasing motivation   Increasing Optimism   Improving employability

Where does this support fit into my journey?

Engagement   This is me   I’m up for it   I’m ready   I’m on my way

Session type

Individual   Group
Minimum No. 6   Maximum No. Depends on venue size

What equipment should I bring?


Outcomes expected


    • Personal Outcomes:

The benefits of physical activity include:

  • Increased cardiovascular fitness
  • Weight Loss/ weight gain where appropriate
  • Reduced risk of developing high cholesterol, high blood pressure, Type II Diabetes, heart disease and stroke.
  • Increased confidence and motivation.
  • Physical activity release endorphins (the happy hormone) which has a direct relationship with mood and energy levels.
  • Meeting new people and making friends.